Winter is a Great Time to Visit the Plumpton Park Zoo

Beat the heat! Beat the crowds! The Plumpton Park Zoo in nearby Rising Sun, Maryland is open all year long, and the animals don’t take a winter break from their daily antics just because it’s cold outside. The zoo is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and features all of your favorite birds, mammals, and reptiles. 

From rare species like the SiaMang Gibbon to old favorites like zebras, giraffes, and tigers, you can find them all at Plumpton Park Zoo. Most of the animals are outside in expansive enclosures, but you can always pop into the reptile house to meet the pixie frog or ball python if you need to warm up. Plus, many of the animals are rescued. A lap around the beautiful grounds is a valuable way to teach little ones about the mission of the zoo and introduce them to new species. Look for their monthly events like Painting at The Zoo, or get involved by volunteering. Daily admission is $13.95 for adults, $11.95 for seniors, and $8.95 for children ages two through 12.