Fridge Bare at Chesapeake Ridge? Restock at North East Grocer!

If you’re not from the area, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the North East Grocer on Main Street near the middle school is nothing more than a small local market. But ask around and you’ll quickly find out that in addition to selling specialty grocery items, North East Grocer is also a popular place for hoagies, cheese steaks, burgers, and deli classics (available for pickup or delivery).

In fact, you could eat three square meals a day just from this local favorite. At breakfast you can get a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, silver dollar pancakes, or diner-style breakfast platters to jumpstart your work day. For lunch, order a cup of the soup du jour and a deli sandwich, and for dinner you might choose a seafood platter or a four-piece fried chicken combination plate to enjoy back at your apartment in North East, MD. In addition to its prepared foods, North East Grocer also offers fresh and frozen seafood by the pound.