Craving Pina Colada Ice Cream at Chesapeake Ridge? Head to Port House Creamery!

Food made with real ingredients just tastes better! Case in point: the ice cream at Port House Creamery, where every batch of made-from-scratch ice cream is made with only natural ingredients, from fresh cream to real sugar. With one bite, you can taste the difference.

Some of Port House Creamery’s classic fan favorites include the salted caramel, made with their own in-house caramel! Also on the must try list is the dark chocolate (ask them about the dutched chocolate they use to make this delightful treat)! They also rotate fruit-infused ice cream based on the season, like strawberry and blueberry. But the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot summer day is pina colada, especially when you ask them for the adult milkshake version!

No matter the occasion or the flavor, you will leave happy and glad you left Chesapeake Ridge Apartment in search of a scoop.